About me

Manuel Delgado´s interest in photography was at first an excuse to travel, but soon grew into an obsessive passion.

He has been compelling images of people and places for the last years —traveling through more than 40 countries— since he first picked up a camera.

He has always had a strong innate curiosity about his surroundings wherever he is in the world. His work process is mainly focused on capturing people in their natural environment, picking up through his lens as many subtle nuances as he can.

Depicting people from diverse cultural backgrounds, he documents their stories through his imagery in an authentic, intimate and aesthetic style. His images had been published in travel magazines and local newspapers.

Manuel is currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany


My Gear


Day to day I keep my gear as simple as possible for travel photography and of course, according to the current budget. All images are captured in the RAW file format. My default sensor sensitivity setting is 100 ISO.